How I Found an Agent – Part 1

We are not alone

Stephen Aryan

Sadly the myth continues to circulate far and wide around the internet that in order to get anywhere in publishing you need connections. You need to know people who can grease palms, open doors, give you the secret handshake that will get you an agent and then a publisher. This is complete and utter nonsense. It is not true at all. I can’t stress how much crap it is without using a lot of swearing to emphasise my point in the strongest possible terms. I had zero connections in the industry. I was picked from a slushpile. Also, the myth cheapens all of the hard work and effort each writer has put into their work over the years and that offends me.

Below is my two part history of how I found an agent.

I started submitting to agents in 2000. Yes, fourteen years ago when I was in my…

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